The Ultimate Guide to Communication Channels in the Workplace

It used to be that the communication channels at work were limited to phone calls and maybe faxes. But if we take a look at all the communication channels used in the last week, there are telephone, video conferences, SMS, A2P messaging, and instant messaging. Phone calls remain one of the fastest ways to get an answer and are best used for urgent or important conversations with teammates and customers. Text messages are a basic element of communication in our personal lives, but they can also be useful for business purposes.

Emails are a practical internal communication channel, but must be handled with care. Blog posts, annual reports, conversations in the workroom, lunchtime conversations, and emails are all examples of different forms of communication.


and marketing communication channels are essential for success in the workplace. Email is an effective customer-oriented communication channel since it allows you to communicate with a pre-selected audience.

The choice of words is also important when it comes to communication. Asynchronous communication channels like instant messaging are great for teams spread over different time zones. Whatever the size of your company, prioritize marketing communication channels above all others.

Laurence Monarca
Laurence Monarca

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