Who is the Best at Digital Marketing?

Gary Vaynerchuk and Neil Patel are two of the most renowned digital marketing experts. Vaynerchuk is well-known for his social media presence, while Patel is a New York Times best-selling author and has been recognized by former President Barack Obama as one of the 100 best businessmen under 30. Seth Godin is another digital marketing guru who has been writing, speaking, and inspiring others on the subject of unconventional entrepreneurship for the past three decades. His books The Dip and Purple Cow have become classics in the field.

He also runs a popular blog, Akimbo podcast, and offers courses on Udemy. Amy Hyder is another digital marketing expert who has been honored by the White House and the United Nations as one of the 100 best female entrepreneurs in North America. To help you get started with digital marketing, here is a list of 11 companies that have implemented successful strategies to increase their ROI and add value for customers. Zappos, an online footwear retailer, sets the benchmark for online customer care with its 365-day money-back guarantee and free shipping both ways.

Mint is a financial tracking tool that stands out from the crowd with its well-executed online marketing strategies. Dollar Shave Club shook up its monotonous industry with its launch video that went viral. As one of the main sponsors of MLB, Uniqlo created a world's first “fast-moving” image campaign to take advantage of the Chicago Cubs reaching the World Series for the first time in 71 years. Porsche used a mobile strategy to reintroduce its 911 model to a new generation focused on mobile devices.

DigitalMarketer CEO Ryan Deiss continues to lead today's most efficient and effective marketing techniques. He has been active in the digital marketing space for more than 12 years in SEO, online marketing, and user experience. Mobburst offers specialized training to help Japanese companies with digital and social media marketing, North American and English-speaking. WEBITMD is a leading digital content and marketing agency that offers high-revenue and lead-generating strategies.

MarketingProfs content director Ann Handley is an author, keynote speaker, and source of information for many major Internet marketing companies. Finally, there are several digital marketing influencers to follow for years to come. These include Brian Peters, who has worked with companies such as Amazon, Nordstrom, and UBER; and Chris Ducker, a sought-after leader in cryptocurrency and live video marketing.

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